Grass Roots America

Grass Roots America Support Robert Wilson for Judge of the 321st District Court. Grassroots America – We the People, Inc. is the largest constitutional conservative citizen organization in East Texas and one of the largest in Texas. They are networked with more than 300 conservative groups across the state and nation.
Grass Roots America Endorses Robert Wilson for Judge

Kevin Eltife

I have known and worked with Robert Wilson on community projects for the last 20 years and he is a man of character and integrity. I am proud to call him a friend and proud to support him for Judge of the 321st District Court.

Collin Maloney

Robert Wilson is a man of integrity and professionalism that is welcome in today’s legal community. Robert has served his clients, the community, and the legal profession with passion and devotion for over twenty years. Whether it is a small business owner who needs advice on the next steps for their growth, a not-for-profit entity that needs counseling, or a family in turmoil for whatever reason, Robert has been shown tireless devotion to his clients and the rule of law that demonstrates the qualities of a good judge. Robert has a tremendous work ethic that he brings to everything that he does and in the last several years, has devoted his entire practice to helping families with the intricacies of the judicial system. Robert is always fair-minded with those that he interacts with– whether they are his own clients or his adversaries. Robert has demonstrated his commitment to our community through countless acts of service to those around us. Robert is continuing his commitment to our community by seeking the office of judge for the 321st District Court—a court devoted to family law matters and which takes a special kind of person who is capable of meeting people at their most vulnerable and often tragic position in their lives and treating them with compassion and justice. I am confident that, if elected, Robert will continue to work hard for our community and treat those that appear in front of him with the same compassion, integrity and fairness that he has exemplified for his many years as a practicing lawyer. I wholeheartedly endorse Robert Wilson for Judge of the 321st District Court.