I commit that I will maintain a high work ethic as a judge and expect the same from my staff. I will give every case my utmost attention, listening to all the evidence and rendering a decision that is timely and well-supported by the law and the facts. I will endeavor at all times to protect the best interests of children in all cases involving them.


I commit that I will preside over this court with honor and integrity. I will offer transparency in my management of the court and the use of taxpayer dollars that fund it. I will remain committed to the rule of law and follow it in my decisions. I will insure all litigants are treated with fairness and have their day in court. I will adhere to the rules of judicial ethics in all my actions as a judge.


I commit that I will conduct myself as a professional throughout my tenure on the court. I will establish a professional environment in the courtroom and expect all witnesses and lawyers to adhere to expectations of professional decorum at all times. I will not tolerate obnoxious or disrespectful behavior in the courtroom from anyone at any time.

Robert Wilson running for Judge Tyler TX

“I am a Christian and I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I am a family man with an amazing wife and two beautiful children, who are my world. I am a Conservative Republican and I support Conservative Values. I vehemently support the rights of the Unborn. I support the Second Amendment. I believe in a limited government that is accountable to its citizenry. I believe it is my obligation to support the U.S. Constitution and the Texas Constitution. I believe in the Rule of Law. I believe in Free Enterprise as an effective economic system. I am an extremely proud Texan.”

– Robert Wilson

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